Friday, April 27, 2012

Have you met Pumpkin?

About a year ago, I purchased this child's mannequin to model some of my creations and to use at craft fairs to display dresses and tees.  When it isn't in "official" use, I figured it would be a nice accent to my sewing room.  Even though this purchase was intended for use for Banana Bear, my dear Claire quickly fell in love with her and has taken her over.  
 One of the first things Claire asked me was "What's her name?"  I didn't really have an answer so, Claire demanded suggested "Pumpkin."

Claire and Pumpkin wearing matching dresses.

Pumpkin and her little sister Apple Dumplin' shared this modeling gig.
Pumpkin is versatile and even models boy tees!
Even after having Pumpkin for over a year, changing her clothes hasn't become old.  I rarely use her to model things anymore, but her outfit gets changed nearly everyday by my little diva.  Pumpkin is a favorite in my sewing studio. Pin It

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