Monday, March 14, 2011

Coffee Cozy...or is it koozie?

Isn't this coffee cozy cute?  I made the one above for myself over the weekend and the next thing you know, all the gals in my house needed to have one too!  My eldest daughter chose the exact same fabrics as me, but my little one wanted cow fabric since she will be using it for her milk cups. lol  I tried to tell her that they might not fit her kiddie cups, but she's not interested in that!  

You can purchase the cozy alone or with a matching/coordinating key fob.  The set of two is $13.00 and the cozy alone is $6.50.  Yes, that includes the monogram on the cozy too!    The set makes a fun gift when paired with a coffee house gift card.  What a perfect gift for a coworker, teacher, neighbor, or even your girl friends!

These aren't on the website or on Etsy yet, but I plan on listing some in the next couple of days once I get some more samples made.  In the meantime, if you've got to have one, email me!
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  1. Wow! superb cute! love this much especially the price really affordable.