Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabric Hoarding? Nah...not me!

Fabric is delivered to me daily, uh I mean monthly, at my doorstep.  The UPS guy and I are best friends.  Look at those gorgeous Michael Miller and Amy Butler prints in there!
Although I've been a lot better over the last 6 months and I rarely step into a fabric store anymore, I think I might have a problem with fabric hoarding (so much that I think I'm having a destash fabric sale soon). How much fabric can one have you ask?  Well step on into my craft room and see!
This looks innocent enough right?  It's one side of my cutting/ironing counter.  In general, this is wear I keep fabrics that I'm currently using for projects or fabrics that need to be put away (can you see the Christmas fabrics on the right?).  Ignore the dangerous looking configuration of the electrical cords.  It's actually fixed now. ;)
Here are a few full bolts of flannel and corduroy fabrics that I have.  This is an old picture, so it doesn't show some of the new ones. **Hangs head in shame**
These lovely, jammed packed bookcases are in Justin's office (isn't he nice to let me have some space?). Most of my designer prints are stored here as well as some applique fabrics. It's amazing how many yards of fabric you can put into a compact space when folding it neatly.  Okay maybe the minky on three of the shelves isn't so neat, but have you tried folding that?  It just doesn't stay put!

Underneath my cutting/ironing counter is where I'm hiding the bulk of my fabric. It doesn't look so bad here, but there is actually another row of bolts stacked behind these.  I think there are 51 bolts under there!

Seriously though...expect to see lots of dresses in the coming months.  I've got to bust through this stash (because I need to go out and get some more!). :)

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  1. girl!!! you and me both, closet FULL!!

  2. i live in a really small town with little access to fabric stores. i was wondering if you get most of your fabric in store or do you have websites you order from? i've been looking around to buy online. i love the prints you use!

  3. Where do you buy from the bolt. WE are a military family living in Japan and are a long way away from Joanns.

  4. Hi Dawn! Most of those that are full bolts I just purchased at a Hobby Lobby. Before we made our last PCS from GA to CA I stocked up on some of my favorite fabrics from there since I knew there wasn't a Hobby Lobby nearby.

  5. Oh wow.....I wanna play in it! lol We have fabric stores here in Germany, but oh my goodness....the prices are ridiculous! The cute fabrics cost 8-20 euro for just a meter! I don't have a huge stockpile. I'm hoping to visit back home soon and stock up. I wondered how most military ladies do things as far as business goes. I'm new to everything (military and business) so I'm learning a lot.